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Kitchen Remodeling Pittsburgh

Many homes in and around the Pittsburgh area are well-known for the lack of space offered in the kitchen area.  What was initially designed to be small yet functional space has become the center of activity in many homes. Pittsburgh homeowners are choosing to redesign or expand their kitchen areas through remodeling to turn a functional room into a larger and more stylish space for gatherings and dining.

Remodeling For Kitchen Expansion

The eating of meals often occurs in the kitchen these days. Because of this and the kitchen being transformed into a social gathering space, there has been an increase in kitchen islands being installed during kitchen remodeling projects.

In addition to adding islands, kitchen remodeling projects may also include:

  • Installation of more countertops or other elements, such as cabinets to provide additional working and storage space.
  • Relocating walls to increase the size of the kitchen room.
  • Changing the layout of the room entirely, including the plumbing to relocate or add sinks
  • Installation of additional windows to bring in more natural light into the room.

Remodeling For Kitchen Updates

Some homeowners are comfortable with the size of their kitchen but want a facelift for their kitchen. This type of kitchen remodel can consist of:

  • Replacing outdated cabinets with new ones that may include additional shelves and drawers for better storage space.
  • Installing countertops of a different material such as granite or quartz to provide an updated look
  • Upgrading old appliances to stainless steel for a modern feel.
  • Changing out light fixtures, knobs, and handles for more decorative elements. 

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services

Gilbert Tile has experience in both the expansion and remodeling of kitchen areas in the Pittsburgh region and can offer suggestions on how homeowners can maximize their kitchens at the most affordable cost.  Average estimates state that Pittsburgh area homeowners can expect to recoup between 60%-65% of their cost for a kitchen remodel.

If you live in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area and are considering a kitchen remodel or expansion, call Gilbert tile to discuss your project today!

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